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'An infectious Synth-Reggae attack on the coalition government’

The Guardian

'The biggest return of SKA to the charts since the 90's'


'This summer's election hit'

The New Statesman

'A fearsome political anthem taking down Theresa May'

The Evening Standard


"Captain SKA is here to steal Bob Dylan's crown '

BBC News Online

'Liar Liar is a great protest song'

The Herald Scotland


'Riotous protest music'

TimeOut London

'Theresa May's biggest problem'

NBC News

'A very useful live band .. launching the next SKA revival, they have our blessing'


'Thank goodness for Captain SKA, a genuine undeground hit 

that's broke through to the mainstream'



"A floor stomping live show"

Huffington Post

Captain SKA burst onto the music scene in 2010 when producer and trumpet player Jake Painter decided to put his political frustrations into music. Since then the act has become a well known entity on the left and has released many singles and videos and played shows across the UK and Europe. Captain SKA's first ever studio album 'La Isla Del Brexit' was released in May 2022 

In 2017 Captain SKA's 'Liar Liar GE2017' became an international news story reaching number four in the UK charts, prompting response from UK Prime Minister Theresa May.
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